$3.2 million saved on Office Supplies for a State

eBridge coordinated with a state’s finance cabinet to run a reverse auction for office supplies. Three vendors placed 112 bids with 12 first place turnovers and 31 extensions resulting in a phenomenal 31% savings! With a spread between 1st and 2nd place of 0.41%, the total this state saved on their office supplies came to over $3.2 million on a five-year contract.

State tracks savings on rails to 29%

This state’s Transportation Department and eBridge, partnered together to procure used railroad rails at a great price. The 3 suppliers, who participated in the auction, placed 47 bids with 29 first place turnovers in 21 minutes. Though the auction only lasted a few minutes, it saved the state $79,490 on the purchase. In the end, the spread was only 0.12% between first and second place bidders, saving the state 29%!

State Department of Corrections filters prices to save 27%

eBridge collaborated with this state’s Department of Corrections for their air filters purchase. The approved 3 vendors placed 8 bids with 5 first place turnovers. Competition was fierce throughout this lighting fast 19-minute bid, which resulted in a spread between first and second place of 1.07%, and saved the state 27% on this 5-year contract.

Southern College saves 28% on Residence Hall Furniture

When a private southern college needed new residence hall furniture, they worked with eBridge to bring 5 buyers to the auction, who placed 176 bids in 24 minutes! With a spread between 1st -2nd place of 1.05% and savings over 28%, the college was able to pick the student’s favorite furniture from a vendor, who consequently was not the lowest bidder, for far less than their original budget.

Indiana City Water Works saves 13% on Chemicals

An Indiana city needed to purchase several chemicals for their water utilities service. Three suppliers placed 326 bids in just over an hour with 280 extensions and 90 first place turnovers. Partnering with eBridge helped this city’s utility company to achieve true market value with a spread of 0.39% and savings of 13% on this two-year contract.

State Transportation Department saves 19% on Fabric Roll-up Signs

When this state’s transportation department needed to run a reverse auction for Fabric Roll-up Signs, they worked with eBridge to manage the bid. Two vendors battled back and forth placing 39 bids with 37 first placed turnovers resulting in a spread between first and second place of 0.21%. The state was pleased to save 19% on this five-year contract.

Indiana Corporation saves 33% for Security Guard Services

An Indiana Corporation partnered with eBridge to obtain security guard services. eBridge sourced dozens of vendors to assist the buyer who approved 12 who fit their specifications. These 12 vendors placed a total of 167 bids in just over a half an hour, with 67 time extensions and 16 first place turnovers. True Market Value was obtained with a spread between 1st and 2nd of 0.34% and a phenomenal 33% savings on a three-year contract.

Kentucky Hospital shreds prices by 36%

A Kentucky hospital worked with eBridge to purchase shredding services for their 500+ bed campus and medical offices. Eight suppliers furiously competed for the business, placing 162 bids in under an hour with 63 time extensions, 9 first place turnovers, and a final spread between 1st and 2nd at 2%. Savings for the hospital came to just over 36% on this three year contract.

Arkansas College saves $300,000 on Janitorial Services

Pulaski Technical College in Arkansas recently used eBridge to manage an RFP for Janitorial Services. The eBridge sourcing team brought 10 suppliers to compete for their business. The eAuction lasted 52 minutes and 186 bids were placed, including 82 time extensions. The final spread between first and second place suppliers was only 0.65%, showing that the school achieved true market value. In the end, the school saved over $300,000 vs. budget, a 17% savings on the previous contract. The Director of Purchasing, Tim Walbert, had this to say about the process: “Thanks again for providing a seamless, user-friendly process, and for saving our institution several hundred thousand dollars!”

5 Ways a Hospital System Benefited from Partnering with eBridge

A healthcare system with over 2000 beds partnered with eBridge to establish a contract for trashcan liners. Six qualified vendors placed 134 lowering bids during the online reverse auction, and the winning offer created a net savings of 13% or roughly $55,000 per year. But in addition to saving money, the eBridge process helped their procurement team created value in 5 additional ways.

  1. The IDN reduced waste by over 20% (according to director of Environmental Services), by buying liners in rolls rather than flats—flats are harder to store on ESD carts, and are easily scattered and lost.
  2. Reduced the number of SKUs from 21 to 10, so the staff has less inventory to track.
  3. Increased recycling and lowered waste hauling costs by buying clear bags instead of black. Recycling company will not accept black liners, and as more waste is sent to recycling, the client pays less for the municipal landfill service—and less waste goes to the landfill.
  4. Improved quality of office can liners from 0.3 to 0.7 mils, so bags will be less likely to tear, cause spills, etc.  Case weight increased from 7.7 to 17.9 lbs.
  5. Established better terms by consolidating purchases to one primary vendor, and locking in pricing for one year, rather than remaining vulnerable to price changes every 3 months.

The eBridge customized RFP process is about much more than price.  We help our clients procure the right products and services, from the most qualified vendors, with the best contract terms—helping their procurement team capture cost savings throughout every step!