A State Agency sheds light on significant savings

A State Agency partnered with eBridge to purchase lighting maintenance. The entity had an initial budget of $502,362. However, by relying on eBridge, the State District was able to see more than $160,000 of savings at the end of the tunnel. There were 155 total bids placed by 2 vendors as well as 41 first place turnovers. The difference between 1st and 2nd place was only 0.72%. Thus, this 1-year contract with 4 optional 1-year renewals obtained market value. 

A State Agency "guards" more than $50,000 in savings

A State Agency partnered with eBridge to find savings, without sacrificing the quality, for an armed security guard services contract. eBridge strengthened the State's process by offering suggestions, sourcing, communicating with vendors, and becoming a true consultant. There were 174 total bids placed with 13 first place turnovers. Moreover, there were 75-time extensions. In the end, the State Agency found market value and 11% in savings. 

How can two vendors place 94 lowering bids?

A State trusted eBridge's expertise one more time with a reverse auction that let competition set the pace, with just two vendors. The State obtained more than $30,000 in savings for wildflower seeds and seeding services. Two vendors actively competed to win the contract. There were 94 total bids placed and the lowest spread between 1st and 2nd place was 0.38%. As a result, the State achieved market value as well as an efficient and transparent bidding process. 

A State Hospital secures 15% in savings using eBridge Full-Service reverse auctions

Cutting costs without sacrificing quality, as well as having more competing vendors, are crucial for every agency. eBridge has it covered. A State Hospital partnered with eBridge obtaining outstanding results in Unarmed Security Guard services. 6 vendors participated in the auction. After 140 bids were placed, the lowest bid was $430,451, 15% less than budgeted, and the spread between 1st and 2nd place was 0.24%. Thus, this 1-year contract with 4 optional 1-year renewals found market value. 

A State attained 19% electrifying savings

By partnering with eBridge, a state with a $463,250 budget for electrical maintenance achieved more than 19% in savings. 3 vendors placed 25 total bids. There was 1 first place turnover with 2-time extensions. This 1-year contract with 3 optional 1-year renewals found market value as well as the confidence to keep relying on eBridge Full-Service Reverse Auctions. 

State successfully follows the signs to save more than $2,300,000

Reverse auctions could be a lifesaver to procure quality items at a market price. A partnership between a State and eBridge paved the way to 18% in savings in a 1-year transportation panel sign installation and maintenance contract with 4 optional 1-year renewals. The competition was intense due to seven vendors placing 276 bids. Finally, the process revealed market price by having a 0.07% spread between 1st and 2nd place. 

A State saved more than $5,000,000 on Road Salt

A 24% savings on a Road Salt contract was attained due to a coordinated process between the State and eBridge. There were 908 total bids placed from 4 approved vendors. eBridge Full-Service Reverse Auctions supported the process in every step of the way. At the end of the auction, there was only a 0.02% spread between 1st and 2nd place, which undoubtedly shows market price.

A State is growing new opportunities by reaping savings in tree purchase and planting services

A State with a $185,445 budget for tree purchasing and planting, obtained $75,397 (41%) in savings. eBridge certainly finds hard dollar savings for our customers. This auction had 426 first place turnovers with 919 extensions. There were 1,068 total bids placed. eBridge not only mirrored the State's process but also fostered competition. As a result, in this one time purchase, market price was accomplished with a 0.30% spread between 1st and 2nd place. 

Pristine savings for a Department of Criminal Justice

eBridge's strategic sourcing and efficient process has done it again. After an intense competition among 7 vendors, 202 total bids were placed. There were 30 first place turnovers with 62 extensions. The Department of Criminal Justice not only found transparency and competition, but also 31% in savings. eBridge understands that in order to achieve success, our partner must also succeed. Market pricing was found, evinced in our 0.09% spread between 1st and 2nd place. The Department of Criminal Justice trusted us by partnering with us. This is a 1 year contract with 4 optional 1 year renewals. 

State saves 12% on Environmental and Janitorial Services

A State partner had a 5 year budget of $7,680,000 for an Environmental and Janitorial Services contract. A collaborative effort with eBridge and the state agency allowed them to achieve $890,920 in savings (12%). 197 lowering total bids were placed by 3 approved suppliers during 158 time extensions. The State was pleased to find market value with a final spread of 0.16% between the 1st-2nd place supplier.