County Saves 27% on Early Warning System with BidBridge

Friday, September 11, 2009

County Saves 27% on Early Warning System with BidBridge

In the county’s first event with BidBridge, six suppliers competed for the installation of an early warning system for the County.

Suppliers submitted pricing for 5 elements, including 15 2-way electronic digital sirens,  2-part control packages for two control point locations, 15 concrete pole packages, 15 steel pole packages and 15 wood pole packages.  In addition to the hardware, the pole packages included delivery and installation.

The most competitive element of the early warning system proved to be 2-part control packages for the two control point locations.  The six suppliers placed a total of 53 bids, resulting in 13 first place turn-overs and 37 time extensions.  First and second place were separated by only 0.28%, indicating that true market value had been achieved.

Overall, the county enjoyed a 27% savings versus budget on the entire early warning system package.